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Welcome to the website of MOST, the Leiden Study Association of Slavic Languages ​​& Cultures and Russian Studies and the MA Russian and Eurasian Studies. MOST, both an abbreviation of Мы Объединяем СТудентов – “We connect students” – and the Russian word for ‘bridge’, was founded in 1997 with the aim of the students and teachers of these studies to work closer together. This connection is apparent mainly in annual activities such as the first year’s day, the traditional Christmas dinner and the closing barbecue, where students and teachers interact with each other in an informal way.

For our members, we organize all kinds of activities related to Slavic languages ​​and cultures (especially Russian). A performance of Czechoslovakian The Seagull in the Royal Theater, a chaos execution of Tchaikovsky’s The Swan Lake , a vodka tasting, a theme night on a Balkan country, lectures and debates by Russia’s scientists. Every month we organize a film evening where we show a Russian film, often from our own video collection. Any knowledge of the Russian language is desirable, but not a requirement.

Besides study-related activities, we obviously also pay attention to the social side of student life. After activities, we have a drink in the city, and the party committee organizes a spectacular final party, next to the Christmas dinner and the barbecue mentioned. In addition, the travel committee organizes a trip to a city in the Slavic language area each year.

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