In addition to the board, MOST also consists of a number of committees who support the board and help us have fun adventures together. This year, the following committees are active at MOST:

Culinary Committee
The culinary committee that hosts Russian lunches and other meals. The traditional Christmas dinner is also prepared by this committee. This very fun and informative committee not only teaches you to cook and bake for different groups of all sizes, but also helps you learn more about Russian cuisine!

Travel Committee
The travel committee organizes a fantastic trip abroad every year. Lots of glamour and pleasure are guaranteed by this committee. Nothing gives so much satisfaction as organizing a successful trip.

Web Committee
The web commission is mainly busy updating the members through various platforms, like the website, Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Party Committee
The party committee is busy, as the name suggests, with organizing parties. “Parties?” I hear you thinking, yep definitely parties. In collaboration with other associations, MOST organizes a couple of parties each year, and this commission must be instructed in the preparation, setting up and conviction. They also organize the end of the year BBQ and together with the culinary committee they work on the creation of the Russian Christmas dinner.

Lustrum Committee
A special Lustrum committee has been set up for this 20th year of the association. The members decide how to celebrate the anniversary year; whether this is a big gala, an almanac, or both, will be a surprise!

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